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North East Politics

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Why Assam Rebelled: An Enquiry into the Political Economy of Regionalism
Urban Local Government in Mizoram
The North East Crucible: Geo-Politics, Ethnicity and Turmoil
The Naga Ethnic Movement for a Separate Homeland: Stories from the Field
The Last Battle of Saraighat: The Story of the BJP's Rise in the North-East
The Complexity Called Manipur: Roots, Perceptions and Reality
THE POLITICS OF IMMIGRATION IN INDIA: Implementation Of The National Register Of Citizens In India
Strategic Significance of North-East India
Socio-Political Movements in Tripura: With Special Reference to Dasarath Deb
Socio-Economic & Political Issues in Assam
Sikkim – Dawn of Democracy: The Truth Behind The Merger with India
Sectarian Politics and Ethno-Nationalism in North Bengal and North-East India: Insurgency, Political Machinery and Development
SIKKIM Ethnicity and Political Dynamics: A Triadic Perspective (Third Reprint)
Role of the Opposition Parties in the Legislature: A Study on the Role of the Opposition Parties in the Mizoram Legislative Assembly
Religion and Politics in Mizoram
Politics of North East India: With Special Reference to Assam
Politics of Location and Identity in Northeast India
Politics of Alternative Government and Self Governance
Parties and Electoral Politics In North East India: Contention of Ethno-regionalism and Hindu Nationalism
PURBASA EAST MEETS EAST: Synergising the North-East and Eastern India with the Indo-Pacific
Northeast India A Political History
North East as Discourse: Issues Concerns and Challenges
Naga Movement: Longest Surviving, Insurgency in Asia
Myanmar as India's NE Understands