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Waqfs in Colonial Bengal History, Administration, Reformation
The Taliban Intelligence: Intelligence Services in a Non-Democratic State
Development Initiatives and the Primitive Tribes of West Bengal
Spirituality in Family Counselling and Psychotherapy An Evidence Based Approach
Pottery in South India Study of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh (2500 BCE - 300 CE)
Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture
Birthing the Goddess The Feminine and the Idea of Birth
Hajj Across Empires Pilgrimage and Political Culture after the Mughals, 1739-1857
Transcending Boundaries Premodern Cultural Transactions across Asia Essays in Honour of Professor Osmund Bopearachchi
A Southern Silk Route Sikkim & Kalimpong Wild Flowers & Landscapes
Painters at the Sikh Court
Haripriya Forms and Meaning in Indian Art and Iconography Essays in Memory of Dr Haripriya Rangarajan
Ramachandran A Retrospective of Sculptures
The Making of Early Indian Cities Urbanisation and Urban Centres in Ancient India An Odishan Perspective
History and Civilizations of the Jambudvipa Reappraisal of the Puranic History from Manu and Formation of Civilizations of Asia and Europe
Elements of Buddhist Stupa Architecture