THE POLITICS OF IMMIGRATION IN INDIA: Implementation Of The National Register Of Citizens In India
Siddhartha Sarkar
  • ISBN 13 : 9788121220262
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
“The demand for the National Register of Citizens of India came out of concerns voiced over decades in Assam and other North Eastern states in India and of late the idea of updating this register to apply nationwide stems to identify the illegal immigrants who infiltrated into the country. It is further recognized that the clandestine nature of human trafficking and illegal immigration would change the regional demography and political depiction which may be detrimental to its culture, ethnicity and social fabric. The entire exercise is nothing but manifestation of one of the most peaceful means by which stakeholders seek to remedy the oversights of that instability whose effects transformed the course of the life of not only individuals but of communities and culture across the region.” Product description Review “The book encourages critical analysis of who determines policy and legislation and about how decisions of who can have citizenship and why. Reading this book will heighten awareness of the current problems around the concept of citizenship in India.” Jenny Pearce, Professor of Young People and Public Policy University of Bedfordshire, UK “This book is a well-written volume that everyone who focuses his or her research on illegal immigration, homeland security and social cohesion, must read it.” John M. Nomikos, Professor and Director Research Institute for European and American Studies, Greece “This study can be used as a handbook of the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act in India for those who are looking for comprehensive information on these issues”. Jonathan Gabe, Emeritus Professor of Sociology Royal Holloway University of London, UK