Odisha Economy: Its Growing Dimensions
Susanta Kumar Sethy
  • ISBN : 9789386608628
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Odisha’s economy passes through a transformation from “a growing economy” to “an economy at take off stage”. Growth rate picks up momentum with Industries and Services sectors as drivers of growth. Agriculture sector loses its importance in terms of contribution to State income while, still retaining its prime status as the livelihood provider to the maximum number of families. Pace of industrialization continues in high note with the advantage of rich natural resources and available physical and human capital in the State. Continuous improvement in “ease of doing business” has further stimulated the process and Poverty falls significantly. The text ‘Odisha Economy: Its Growing Dimensions’ comprises 4 chapters along withAreas of concerns topic, dealing practically with all the issues confronting the Odisha Economy. Chapter-1: Odisha Economy which includes structural change and occupational structure, Demographic features, Causes and effects of high growth rate of population, Measures to control population, Human Development, Trends of State Domestic Product, Fiscal Situation, FRBM Act. etc. Chapter-2: Agriculture in Odisha which includes Importance of Agriculture, Trends in Agriculture growth, Cropping pattern, green revolution, Agricultural finance, Land tenure and Land reforms etc. Chapter-3: Industry and Service sector which contains Industrial Structure, performance of manufacturing sub sector, performance of large scale industries, new industrial Policies, performance of banking and Tourism sector etc. Chapter-4: Social Sector developments which includes Development of Health and Education in Odisha. Last part deals with Areas of concerns such as Trends of Unemployment, Poverty, Displacement and Migration. This book is written keeping in view the requirement and limitations of the students in preparing for the examinations. Author has endeavored his best attempts to include the relevant portions of Odisha Economy in simple and systematic manner.