Hindu Society – Entropy and Chaos
Dr Varagur Swaminathan Muralidharan
  • ISBN : 9789352996049
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Hindu society interacting with other societies is undergoing catastrophic changes. The disorder occurred in any system is expressed as Entropy while Chaos occurs in a continuously, Non-linearly growing complex system. Hindu society is one such system. The book describes how Hindu society experienced disorder and what are this society’s features which would become chaotic in future. The book presents an analysis of the Hindu society as the system description, concepts of entropy and chaos as tools and applications of these concepts. The first part describes the Hindu society in eleven chapters, the second part the concepts of entropy and chaos in three chapters and the third part the applications of entropy and chaos theories in six chapters. The purpose of this book is to create an awareness among the sociologists and administrators about various social issues which lead to the degradation of Hindu society. The book may be prescribed as a reference book for applied sociology and applied sciences. This book would serve certainly as a guide for civil examinations. Contents - Part One: Hindu Society 1. Introduction 2. Vedic Society 3. Caste and Class 4. Family, Marriage and Kinship 5. Religion and Culture 6. Gender 7. Socialisation 8. Social Changes and Movements 9. Rural, Tribal and Urban 10. Aged and Elders 11. Sociopathology and Environment Sociology Part Two: Entropy and Chaos – An Overview 12. Entropy 13. Fractal Geometry 14. Chaos Part Three: Entropy and Chaos in Hindu Society 15. Entropy of Culture 16. Entropy of Gender 17. Entropy of Varna System 18. Chaos – Population Explosion 19. Chaos – Environmental Burning 20. Chaos – Religious Cannibalism Synopsis