Digital Electronics: A Comprehensive Lab Manual (Rs 175 + Rs 50 for Service Charges)
Cherry Bhargava
  • ISBN : 9789388305884
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Introduction of Digital IC and Equipments. 2. Study and Verification of Basic Logic Gates. 3. Study and Verification of Universal Logic Gates. 4. Verification of Demorgan’s Theorem 5. Binary Adder 6. Binary Subtractor. 7. Multiplexer. 8. Demultiplexer. 9. Encoder. 10. Decoder 11. Magnitude Comparator. 12. Flip-Flops. 13. Shift Registers. 14. Shift Register Counter. 15. Asynchronous & Synchronous Counter. 16. Decade Counter on 7-Segment Display. 17. Digital to Analog Converter. 18. Analog to Digital Converter. This book is designed to meet the syllabus requirement of the B.Tech/B.E. (electronics and communication) course as prescribed by AICTE and as per various universities curriculum. It comprehensively covers all the practical implementation of combinational as well as sequential digital logic. This book is systematically and well organized that assist the students to understand the practical significance of digital electronics and develop skill-set to create innovative projects using bread boards and digital integrated circuits. This handbook is a self-sufficient resource for building complex circuits using logic gates and integrated circuits. It provides good framework to improve the practical skills and enhance creative & critical thinking of the users. Salient features: 1. Basics of digital electronics are elucidated and elaborated. 2. Simple language and lucid style. 3. Emphasis has been given on theoretical aspect of each experiment. 4. Step-wise experimental process has been explained in detail. 5. Each experiment has been explained thoroughly with the help of truth table, Karnaugh map and Boolean equations. 6. At end of each experiment, viva voce questions, precautions and review questions have been discussed.