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Rural and Urban Sociology

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Calcutta Then  Kolkata Now
Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in Rural India
Changing Paradigms of Urbanisation India and Beyond
Chindwara Jile ka Samajik tatha Aarthik Itihas (San 1956 se 2016 Tak) Hindi
Cities and Public Policy: An Urban Agenda for India Hardback
City Planning
City Planning for a Changing India
City, Space and Politics in the Global South
Class Patriarchy and Ethnicity on Sri Lankan Plantations: Two Centuries of Power and Protest
Colonial Legacy in North East India (National Symposium on Revisiting Colonial Legacy in North East India on 2-3 February, 2018 at the Central Hall of Ghanapriya Womens College)
Community Knowledge Management Indigenous Rural and Marginalized Communities: A Global  Perspective
Companion to Planning in the Global South
Consumer Behaviour in Rural Market: Issues and Challenges in Churachandpur District, Manipur
Contemporary Issues in Rural and Urban Development: Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas
Contemporary Issues of Urban Development in 21st Century: Planning and Practices
Continuity and Change in Rural India: An Ethnographic Study
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Rural Development
Cottage Industry Sector: An Opportunity for Rural Artisans
Culture, Place, City Branding, and Activism: Narratives from Contemporary Lucknow
Decentralization, Cooperatives and Rural Development
Delhi Land Acquisition: Planned Urban Land Development in a Metropolitan City a Spatial Analysis of Land Acquisition Process in Delhi
Delhi Urban Swaraj: A Model Proposed for the New Government in Delhi: A Research Study
Delhi’s Meatscapes: Muslim Butchers in a Transforming Mega-City