Cottage Industry Sector: An Opportunity for Rural Artisans
Mahvish Anjum
  • ISBN : 9789382847205
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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India is predominantly a county of vllages. Majority of the people in India live in villages. Agriculture and cottage industries constitute their major occupation. However the replacement of agriculture and craftsmen product by the superimposed colonial mode of production has adversely affeced the occupational system of India. The decline in agriculture and cottage industries is the main cause of the socio-economic challenges confronting the nation. By providing opportunities to employ the workers cottage industries increase the labour force participation rate from the existing dismally low level, reduce dependency rate in the family and also increase the family income of the poor households. This publication is of great significance in the cntext of spatial variation in scio-economic conditionsof the people employed in cottage industry sector and the impact of cottage industrial development on entrepreneurship in ambedkarnager district, Uttar Pradesh. This book will be useful to policy makers, planners, and social reformers. It is my privilege to recommend the book to the academia and the general public.