Delhi Land Acquisition: Planned Urban Land Development in a Metropolitan City a Spatial Analysis of Land Acquisition Process in Delhi
Singh, Vijay
  • ISBN : 9788192914305
  • year : 2014
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This is the first comprehensive and analytical study of the land acquisition process in Delhi where the urbanization was undertaken by the State acquiring the rural land on a large scale and converting it to urban uses. It is an important contribution in the domain of pubic policy and its application in the framework of time and space. In 1957, by constituting the Delhi Development Authority to prepare a ‘Master Plan’, Delhi initiated the process of planning in the realm of urban land development. The State took the responsibility to develop urban land in a planned way rather than leaving it to develop in a haphazard way through free market forces. The intention of the State, perhaps, was to optimize scarce land in the anticipated sprawling growth of the metropolis. But what, in reality, was the urban land development in Delhi within the framework of time and space. The present study is an endeavour in this direction to help comprehend a vital component of planned urban land development - the land acquisition process. Such large-scale land acquisition process is not merely an administrative act. It has economic and social dynamics, which have to be taken into account in any purposeful urban land planning and development. The present book also provides free colour flip book in a CD-ROM along with all data tables in a word document format for the convenience of researchers and users.