Anthology of Significant Events in Modern Indian Art & Socio-Cultural History 1850-2015 India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh & Nepal
Roop Narayan Batham and Nimisha Kesarwani
  • ISBN : 9789354720253
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Anthology of Significant Events in Indian Modern Art and Socio-Cultural History is designed as a career-oriented educational book that includes prominent as well as less known, yet relevant socio-cultural events of modern Indian history. This book is particularly useful for faculty and students of art and culture, research scholars and individuals preparing for competitive exams at State and Union level in India. The book can be a valuable addition to the collection of any art, culture, and history enthusiast. The authors have endeavored to keep the content succinct and brief, to maintain the focus on context of events and the related dates and places. The broad subjects covered are Fine Arts, Painting, Music, Poetry, Dance, Sculpture, Theatre, Architecture, Photography, Cinema, and Literature. This anthology offers a comprehensive understanding of events beginning from the colonial era in 1850 and until 2015.