ACCOUNT OF THE TEMPLE OF JAGANNATH: "Lord of the World" at Puri, The Most Sacred Hindu Temple in India (Reprint, first published in 1895)
Rajendralala Mitra
  • ISBN : 9789391928001
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Account of the Temple of Jagannath at Puri, comprises the first hand information that has been compiled from three reliable sources authored by Orientalists: Dr Rajendralala Mitra’s Antiquities of Orissa (2 vols.), Sir W.W. Hunter’s Imperial Gazetteer of India and Andrew Sterling’s Orissa: Its Geography, Statistics, History, Religion and Antiquities'. First published in 1895, this illustrated book gives a concise account of the state of Orissa (currently known as Odisha) and the temple town of Puri, where the famous Jagannath temple is located. The book also provides an account of the temple – its history, the sanctums of three main deities- Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra’s, attires and the rituals that are daily followed in worshipping the deities. Other related topics include mahaprasad or the consecrated food, festivals asso­ciated with these idols that have made Puri a celebrated religious destination, and pilgrims. The book also mentions the difficulties and dangers that devotees may face, when undertaking a pilgrimage to Puri, at the hands of unscrupulous people, who take advantage of the simple-minded, etc., and also appeals to the educated Hindus for religious reform. While some perspectives are influenced by the Western thought, a few points that have been mirrored provide food for thought, as they question the blind faith. Written in comprehensible English, Account of the Temple of Jagannath will interest open-minded individuals, who are interested in the religious history and in Puri’s Jagannath temple. About the Author Rajendralala Mitra (1822-91), a pioneer in Bengali Renaissance, was a noted antiquarian, Indologist, linguistic, historiographer, and has authored several other works. W.W. Hunter (1840-1900) was a historian and statistician recruited in the Indian Civil Service. Andrew Sterling was the Persian Secretary to the Government in Bengal, and had been posted to Orissa for some years.