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Transcending Boundaries Premodern Cultural Transactions across Asia Essays in Honour of Professor Osmund Bopearachchi

Transcending Boundaries Premodern Cultural Transactions across Asia Essays in Honour of Professor Osmund Bopearachchi

Author:Edited by Susmita Basu Majumdar
ISBN 13:9789361770593
Published On:18th June 2024
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Archaeology

About the Book

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements Introduction by SUSMITA BASU MAJUMDAR A Tribute to Osmund Bopearachchi by RICHARD BELESON Professor Osmund Boppearachchi: Gracious Polymath by ANNE BLACKBURN PART I: ARCHAEOLOGY, MATERIAL REMAINS AND ARCHIVES Finding Forgotten Stories about the Harappan Civilization: Vignettes from the Archives by NAYANJOT LAHIRI Wine-making and Wine-drinking in Central Asia and Gandhāra from the Bronze Age to Pre-Kushan Antiquity by HENRI-PAUL FRANCFORT Giribawa in the Context of Glass Production and Maritime Exchanges in South Asia by ARIANE DE SAXCÉ PART II: EPIGRAPHIC AND NUMISMATIC SOURCES AND INTERPRETATIVE HISTORIES Liako Kusulako and the Era of Maues by HARRY FALK Berenike Brahmi Inscription Revisited by SUSMITA BASU MAJUMDAR A Prosperous Hub in the Hinterland: Situating Junnar in the Early Historic Context by SMITA HALDER Seventeenth-century Pali Inscriptions from Wat Chaiwathanaram, Ayuthaya: The Sambuddhe Verses and Dependent Arising by PETER SKILLING The Indo-Greek Gold Coinages: A New Heliocles II Specimen? by OLIVIER BORDEAUX The Verehakale Hoard of Roman Coins by MICHAEL AMANDRY About Collection of Lieutenant Alexander Burnes and some questions of Bactrian History by KAZIM ABDULLAEV A So Strange Coinage: The Coins of the ‘Western Regions’ in the Chinese Texts of Han period by FRANÇOIS THIERRY Remarks on Lead-Tin Chinese Coins from the Tenth-Century Cirebon Shipwreck by LYCE JANKOWSKI Interpreting Monetary History of Medieval Bengal: Some Issues Reflected through the Prism of Coin Hoards by SUTAPA SINHA PART III: LOOKING THROUGH AND BEYOND THE TEXTS Foreign Geographic Projections in Cosmas Indicopleustes by FEDERICO ROMANIS Archaeology, History, and the Poetic Imagination: Vālmīki’s Rāmāyaṇa as a Tale of Three Cities by ROBERT P. GOLDMAN Demonic Demise: Demons, Dismemberment, and Decapitation in Vālmīki’s Rāmāyaṇa by SALLY J. SUTHERLAND GOLDMAN Cultural Relations between Nāgārjunakoṇḍa and Sri Lanka as Revealed in the Sīhalavatthu by NADEESHA S. GUNAWARDANA Five Weeks After: Post-Enlightenment in Xuanzang’s Record of the Western Regions by MAX DEEG Situating Early Kashmir: Connected Histories in Kalhaṇa’s Rājataraṅgiṇī by SHONALEEKA KAUL PART IV: ART, ARCHITECTURE AND BEYOND Seeking Survivals in Buddhist Art: Ananda Coomaraswamy’s Early Development edited JANICE LEOSHKO The Archery Competition of Siddhārta and the Pre-Marital Ceremony in Gandhāran Art: An Example of Shared Traditions in Buddhism and Indian Epics edited by LAURA GIULIANO Bodhisattvas or Deified Portraits in Gandhāran Art? Some Thoughts edited by VINCENT LEFEVRE 23. From Gandhara to Kucha and Back Again: Identifications of Gandharan Reliefs by Means of Kuchean Iconography by MONIKA ZIN Iconographical Remarks on the Mural Fragments from the Kizil Grottoes in the Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum, Japan by SATOMI HIYAMA The Relationship between a Portrait of Prince Shōtoku (c.573–622) and Tang Royal Murals: On the Materialitof the Cultural Identity of the Tang by PEI YING LIN The Indian Elements of the Qingzhou Style of Buddha Images in China by TIANSHU ZHU Morphing Icons: Radiant Iconotext Paintings in Medieval Jōdo Shin Buddhism by MARK L. BLUM An Ancestral Skill: The Decorative Motifs of Sinjali Architecture (West Nepal) by DAVID C. ANDOLFATTO Embodying Prosperity: The Treasures Saṅkhanidhi and Padmanidhi’s Long Auspicious Journeying by JOHN GUY 30. Finding Fua Haribhitak (1910–1993), Thailand’s First National Artist, in Śāntiniketan, India: Discerning Methodology and Thickening Discourse by YIN KER PART V: FUSION AND DIFFUSION: RELIGION WITH SPECIAL FOCUS ON BUDDHISM 31. On Pious Ladies and Merchants Making Money for Buddhist Monks: An Inscription and a Rule by GREGORY SCHOPEN Towards Identifying Bhikṣuṇis in Gandhara by ASHWINI LAKSHMINARAYANAN A Lost Copy of the Buddha’s Footprint by DONALD STADTNER A Moveable Court: Itinerant Kingship, Royal Temples, and Buddhist Monasteries during the Kuṣaṇa Era by SANJYOT MEHENDELE Bamiyan Buddhist Caves and Squinches by SHUMPEI IWAI A ‘Hindu Buddha’? Inclusive Propensities and Philosophical Difference by JOHN CLIFFORD HOLT Early Tibetan Uses of the Mañjuśriyamūlakalpa by JACOB P. DALTON Avalokiteśvaro Viśvarūpī by LAUREN M. BAUSCH Revisiting Aśvaghoṣa’s Kāvya: Innovations in Transmission of Buddhism by NUPUR DASGUPTA Fusion and Diffusion: Various Factors in the Images of the Buddhist Guardians of Khotan by CHEN SUYU AND RUAN JINYI Mokṣa: When Mokṣa Does Not Mean Mokṣa by PATRICK OLIVELLE PART VI: HISTORY AND BEYOND India, History and Comparativism: The Case of the Dumézil’s Para-Vedic Theory by GUILLAUME DUCŒUR On the Trail of the Yavanas by UPINDER SINGH Travellers and Travel ‘Rations’: Mapping Connections between Indo-Iranian Borderlands and Persepolis by SUCHANDRA GHOSH Who Killed Eukratides the Great? by FRANK L. HOLT Social Transformation in a Micro Zone: A Case Study of the Pudukkōṭṭai Region by K. RAJAN The Early Medieval Port of Balipattana in the Light of Maritime Epigraphy and the Documentary Geniza by RANABIR CHAKRAVARTI A Story about Wrong Viewers in a 1112 AD Shrine: What For? by LILIAN HANDLIN Trans-Oceanic Exchanges: Towards a Connected History of India and Cambodia by PARUL PANDYA DHAR The Stronghold of the Nandana: History, Memory and Heritage by MUHAMMAD KASHIF ALI AND MUHAMMAD HAMEED Blurred Lines: Mobility, Landscape and Space in Central Asia by FIONA KIDD A Study of the Probable Replication of the Sacred Landscape of Magadha in Western India by MANJIRI BHALERAO Index.