Account of the Revolutionary Movement in Bengal
Hem Chandra Kanungo Edited by Amiya K Samanta
  • ISBN 13 : 9789380677668
  • year : 2015
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Hem Chandra?s patriotism was not inspired by the ?mother-in-bondage? image of the country or by the accounts of her past glory. He loved his country not because what she was in the past, but because it was only natural for him to love his own country. Since countries like Italy and Russia used secret societies for freedom struggle and even in the Bore War the secret society played a crucial role, Hem Chandra thought that the ?Bore method? was quite suited to our condition, and we decided to form secret societies.? Hem Chandra?s account had drawn the attention of the Intelligence Branch as it contained strong criticism of the leadership of Aurobindo and Barindra and the religious influence on the movement for which the leaders were held solely responsible. The IB was prompted to translate the account not so much for information but for examining the potentiality of the Marxist standpoint from which the criticism was made in containing individual terrorism. We have retained the exhaustive notes of the IB and have added, wherever necessary, new editorial notes on the basis of information now available, and a long account of Hem Chandra?s life. The book first published more than 85 years ago, still stands out as an honest and forthright memoir of the revolutionary movement. Unpublished letters, rare photographs, copy of Barrindra?s confession etc will be off interest to the scholars in general.