A Comprehensive History of Assam (Reprint)
S L Baruah
  • ISBN : 9788121500159
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. Introduction : 1. A thumb-nail sketch of Assam. 2. Sources of the history of Assam. 3. Pre-history and proto-history. I. Ancient period : 4. Origin and antiquity of Pragjyotisha or Kamarupa. 5. Traditional rulers and early history. 6. The Varmana line of kings. 7. Kamarupa under the Salastambhas and the Palas. 8. Later kings of Kamarupa and beginnings of disintegration. 9. Administration in ancient Assam. 10. Social and economic life. II. Medieval period : 11. Disintegration of the kingdom of Kamarupa. 12. The Koch kingdom. 13. Rise of the Ahoms. 14. Ahom-Mughal wars and organisation of the civil society. 15. The period of political instability 1673-1681. 16. The climacteric of Ahom rule. 17. The decay and fall of the Ahom monarchy. 18. Ahom policy towards the neighbouring hill tribes. 19. Administration in medieval Assam. 20. Social and economic life in medieval Assam. III. Modern Period : 21. The imperialistic manoeuvres. 22. Beginnings of the resistance movement. 23. The new regime. 24. The revolt of 1857 in Assam. 25. The period of Agrarian revolts 1860-1900. 26. Growth of national consciousness. 27. The Non-Cooperation and the Civil Disobedience Movement. 28. Freedom struggle at its height. 29. Social and economic life. 30. Assam after independence. Appendices: 1. Chronology of the kings of ancient Assam. 2. Chronology of Ahom kings. 3. Chronology of Koch kings. 4. List of Chief Commissioners, Lieutenant-Governors and Governors. 5. Certain facts about Assam. Glossary. Select Bibliography. Index. "This work is the first analytical and comprehensive account of the civilization of Assam from earliest to the present times. Its object is ti acquaint the readers with the forces and factors moulding the society and culture of Assam through the ages. It analyses the salient features of Assamese civilization giving proper weightage to the contributions made by different tribes or ethnic groups of both the hills and the plains as well as by the followers of different faiths towards its growth and development. "The work is divided into four parts. Part I gives a brief idea of the present state of Assam. It also discusses the source materials as well as the pre-history and the proto-history of the land. Part II deals with the ancient period beginning with the legendary kings till the dismemberment of the ancient kingdom of Pragjyotisha or Kamarupa in the close of the twelfth century AD. Part III treats the history of the medieval period from the rise of different tribal states on the ruins of the ancient kingdom till the fall of the Ahom monarchy in 1826. Part IV deals with the modern period covering the history of the British rule upto the attainment of the country’s independence in 1947. It also contains a chapter dealing briefly with the events after independence. The authoress has made full use of all available sources, published and unpublished, preserved in different libraries within and outside the state. Attempt has been made to make the information up-to-date with proper notes and references and the treatment clear and precise. The work also contains a bibliography, glossary and index.