Zairema's Approach to the Bible: A Theological Appraisal
Laldintluanga, H
  • ISBN : 9789351484943
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book seeks to analyse the main thrust of Rev. Zairema’s approach to the Bible and his contribution for providing a theoretical framework for social and moral reformation among the Mizo. Rev. Zairema was a leading biblical scholar among the Mizo. His approach to the Bible has many distinctions from the approach of the general public for which he was sometimes misunderstood. The Biblicist section of the Mizo populace seldom understand that Jesus’ Salvation is horizontal including socio-eco-political and religion (holistic salvation of humankind) but their understanding is limited only to a vertical ideology like, longing for departure from this miserable earthly life and to live in the place of all pleasures called heaven. Since this study is an attempt to identify which aspects of Zairema’s theology of the Bible are significant for the Mizo Christian and which are not, theological and contextual liberative method is employed in this study. In order to facilitate this, Zairema’s writings, which portray his theology and interpretation of the Bible, are studied. Contents Abstract Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Methodological Considerations 1. Zairema and His Historical Context 2. Analysis of Zairema's Understanding and Interpretation of the Bible 3. Selected Reading Paradigms 4. A Theological Appraisal of Zairema's Understanding of the Bible from the Selected Reading Paradigms 5. Final Conclusion Bibliography H. Laldintluanga is an ordained minister of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church. He earned B.D. degree (2009) and M.Th (2012) from Aizawl Theological College. He is currently serving as a Pastor under the Mizoram Synod. He has published 4 books and co-authored another 5 books, and also published numbers of articles and seminar papers.