Tribal Theology : Reviewing the Naga Traditional Worldview
Dr. Lovely Awomi James.
  • ISBN : 9789351481690
  • year : 2017
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The book is a theological work on the Naga traditional worldview, through the re-examining and re-reading of the Naga tribal myths, folklores, folktales, sayings, its patriarchal culture, etc., from a Womanist theological perspective. It argues against the popular claim that the traditional worldview is holistic and communitarian without any discriminatory elements in concept and practice. In particular, it takes under its critical study the concept of cosmic oneness - a central concept in the Naga traditional worldview - and re-views the traditional sources to either prove or disprove such claim. The author exposes misconception of the status of women in the Naga society with an argument that there cannot be gender equality in `patriarchal society,' as Naga culture does not give sufficient space to gender equality. She asserts that the patriarchal culture of the Nagas in itself clearly belies such romantic and half-truth claims. This eye-opening research is an attempt to identify the operative forces that create such contrast between the ideal state and the actual state.