THE RABHA: A Traditional Society in Modern-Day India
Nilpadmini Rabha
  • ISBN : 9781775160779
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The Rabha is an ancient tribal community of the northeast area of India. With both a unique language and religion, they represent an ancient culture continuing to live in modern India; while some aspects of the Hindu religion appear to be assimilated by the community, the author is careful to note that they continue to retain much of their exclusive features, and points out some of those. The author goes to a great depth to present both the religious and social aspects of the Rabha people, and weaves a tapestry of the interrelationships between the two, which serves as the basis for the Rabha life today, as it has also functioned historically. She goes further, pointing out the changes of the Rabha that are occurring in modern Indian society, and points to some influences that modern religions are having on the traditional rituals and rites. With its in-depth study of the unique features of a little-known, ancient society of North East India, the text should be of considerable value for the sociologist, as well as the student of little-known tribal religions; it will also provide a great deal of knowledge to those who are trying to understand the changes that are taking place in modern Indian society, as well as other transitioning nations.