Socio-Economic and Fertility Level of Chandel People in Manipur
Solomon Nungchim Moyon and Naorem Sharat Singh
  • ISBN : 9789391139414
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present Reference Book entitled "Socio-Economic and Fertility Level of Chandel District in Manipur" is the outcomes of a Research Project under University Grants Commission (UGC) vide Sanction No. F.5-150/2013-14/MRP/NERO dated 19th June 2014. It has investigated the effects of socio-economic and demographic factors on income differential, growth of agriculture and fertility level of the people of Chandel District taking an adequate sample size of 1071 households. The study population inhabited by tribal people is the India's easternmost hill district of Manipur internationally bordering with Myanmar. Utilizing the econometric and higher statistical methods, the variability in income level, agricultural outcomes and also fertility scenario could be highlighted with a good number of socio-economic, demographic and behavioural independent variables. The findings have been discussed and interpreted with the previous findings of the studies conducted in India and other developing and least developed countries. About the Authors: N. Sharat Singh, M. Sc. (1989; Meerut University, U.P.); Ph. D. (2002; Manipur University, Imphal) in Statistics is presently working as faculty member in the Department of Statistics, D. M. University, Imphal. With twenty-five years of teaching experience in government degree colleges of Manipur, he specializes for research in the field of Biostatistics with special interest in demographic phenomenon - fertility, mortality, aging, reproductive span etc. He has published more than fifty original research articles in reputed journals, edited books and conference proceedings. He has authored two reference books entitled "Determinants of Infant Mortality" in 2007 (co-author) and "Dynamics of Women Reproductive Span" in 2015 and also edited Two Books - "Understanding Multidisciplinary Research Works: A New Aspect" in 2016 and "Applications of Statistical Techniques in Social Data" in 2019. During the last one and half decade, he has completed two major research projects under UGC (Delhi; 2011-2014) and ICSSR (Delhi; 2014-2016) and also completed two research projects under UGC, NERO in 2005-07 and 2008-10. He has guided four Ph. D. students (awarded in 2013, 14, 16 and 18). Not only presented about twenty-five original research papers in national and international seminar/ conferences but he has also delivered more than thirty Invited Lectures/ Talks on research methodology courses specifically on the applications of statistical tools in various data of socio-economic, demographic, biosocial, health, industry, engineering etc. He has also successfully convened more than eight seminars/ conferences/ workshops at national/ state/ institutional levels in the last decade. Mr. Singh has contributed his consultancy services to more than seventy-five research works leading to Ph. D. and Research Projects mostly dealing with social data. He is life members of Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS) and Indian Association for the Study of Population (IASP). Solomon N. Moyon, M.A. (1990), Ph.D. (2019), Manipur University, Imphal in Economics is an Associate Professor in Economics, United College, Chandel (Manipur). He has devoted in teaching for the last thirty years. Mr. Solomon has also published five original research articles in reputed journals.