Ripunjoy Sonowal and Ajit Goswami
  • ISBN : 9788183249843
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Multidisciplinary research is essential for addressing many of the newly arising issues in different scientific disciplines. In recent years, the nature of research problems has become multi-dimensional and multi-pronged involving knowledge of numerous disciplines and subjects. This highly multidisciplinary volume contains contributions from leading as well as budding researchers from various academic backgrounds (biology, physical and mathematical sciences, and humanities and social sciences). The volume explores new advances in multidisciplinary research in Northeast India: studies on ethnomedicinal plants; invasive breast cancer; smokeless tobacco use among women of the reproductive age; studies on testes structures of C. magur and H. Fossilis; report on edible insects; role of super-continental cycle in crustal evolution; nanotechnology; mobile ad hoc networks; statistical studies of analysing multiple vacation policy on M/G/1 queueing system; two-parameter quasi-poisson-lindley distribution; mathematical studies using R software; geometric real sequences; uncertainty modelling using interval-valued fuzzy number; cosmic acceleration of the universe and dark energy models; banzhaf functions for TU-Games; anthropological study of self help groups; role of Mishing tribal women in income generation activities; geographical study of channel diversion and management of flood; teachers role in present education system; and analysis of demonetization system to strengthen rural and urban finance. The content will be of interest to a broad spectrum of scientists, academicians, and research students working in interdisciplinary fields. The collection of chapters in the volume is intended to foster interest and participation of researchers in multidisciplinary research and to stimulate new research. The book will be an unrivalled reference for the researchers working across disciplines.