Polity, Socio-Economic and Cultural History of Odisha
Edited by Akhaya Kumar Mishra
  • ISBN : 9789385161681
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book brings within its compass eighteen well-researched articles, contributed by distinguished scholars, pertaining to various aspects of the history and culture of Odisha right from the ancient times to the modern Odisha This richly illustrated work brilliantly covers a wide range of topics which give an in-depth authentic account of various important aspects of Odishan history and culture, either by making a critical analysis of available data or by a fresh interpretation of known facts in the light of modern research. This Volume aims to shed fresh light on different aspects of early Odishan history, culture and polity. Adding new dimensions, this book discusses several issues and problems pertaining to ancient and medieval periods of Odishan history. The papers presented in this Volume reflect the intellectual and academic approach of the scholars whose presentation is lucid, objective and original. No researcher, interested on Odishan history, can afford to ignore this book while making an understanding of either the religious development or politico-economic changes in Odisha in the light of socio-cultural progress. The book will be of immense use to libraries, researchers as well as general readers.