Paleontology: A Practical Manual
L. Mahesh Bilwa
  • ISBN : 9789385883330
  • year : 2017
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Paleontology is an important branch of Geology which deals with past life of the earth from the ancient time. There are several branches emerged from time to time for the need of understanding the earth. Nowadays, Paleontology part in academic syllabi is shortening because specialized teachers are not available to decipher the knowledge of Paleontology to students. This manual will help students and as well as teachers who can refer the manual for descriptive invertebrate fossils, plant fossils, microfossils explained with supportive simple hand sketches, and some applications of microfossils in solving organic sediments estimation, maturation of microfossils through Staplin scale and Biostratigraphic boundary markings. Solved problems are given to complement the text part and some exercises are provided also. Small objective questions like match the following will help the students to check their knowledge. This book will certainly help all levels of Earth Science students, research scholars and teachers. This book will certainly navigate at present to pursue their studies in current trend of Paleontological studies.