Microbial Resources of Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Hot Spot Region: Conservation and Sustainable Development with Special Reference to North-East India
Edited by N. Irabanta Singh
  • ISBN : 9788121109475
  • year : 2017
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Contents: Preface. Section I. Bacterial resources: 1. Biodiversity and prevalence of bacteria in sericulture farm located on Indo-Burma NH-02: A case study/H. Chandra, S. Mukta Singh and N. Irabanta Singh. 2. Airborne bacterial micro-flora of Oak Tasar Silkworm (Antheraea proylei J.) in Manipur and their pathogenicity/L. Gopen Singh and N. Irabanta Singh. Section II: Viral Resources: 3. Cross infectivity of Antheraea proylei cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus against Mulberry Silkworm, Bombyx mori/T. James Keisa, Reetu Luikham, N. Ibohal Singh and R. Varatharajan. Section III: Algal Resources: 4. Algal floristic composition of some tea garden soils of Assam state, India/Kamal Choudhury and G.C. Sarma. 5. Blue green algae present in rainwater of Imphal area/A. Chanchalkumari Devi and N. Irabanta Singh. 6. Screening of Cyanobacteria from rice field soil of Manipur for antifungal activity/Nonibala Khumanthem and N. Irabanta Singh. Section IV: Fungal Resources: 7. Screening of fungi associated with the decay of three varieties of banana fruits in the fruit markets of greater Guwahati/T.C. Sarma, R.N. Bhattacharyee. 8. Foliacious fungal resources of North Eastern India-A mini review/N. Irabanta Singh. 9. Volumetric analysis of Indoor Aeromycoflora of the Manipur state archive main building/R.K. Bhorot Singh and N. Irabanta Singh. 10. Smut fungal resources of North Eastern India