Kherai: A Living Tradition of Bodos
Manjushree Pathak
  • ISBN 13 : 9788183249539
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The Bodos are the earlier settlers of Assam. They have in course of time migrated and spread over a large area of North-East Region. The traditional religious belief of the Bodo Tribe of Assam is known as the Bathou religion, which is manifested in the living symbol of the siju tree. The culture of Bodos have undergone many changes especially due to the interaction and intermingling with the Aryan people. The belief of the Bodos, which the colonial government classified as Animism, is Bathou. The most important function in the faith is the Kherai puja, which is followed by performance of Kherai dances and is manifested in the living symbol of the Siju Tree. This happens in many stages, beginning from the preparation of the altar to offering articles to the God. There are around eighteen types of Kherai dances each of such dances are related with eighteen deities. There are primary Kherai dances and secondary Kherai dances. The primary dances directly pertains to the deities of the Bathou pantheon, the Secondary performances are directly related to worship but are mostly related with social contexts. This book embodies as a special characteristic thereby throwing light on religious belief as well as cultural and social matrix of the age old community of the North-East i.e., Bodos. Sri Taren Bodo, President, Bodo Sahitya Sabha has rightly stated in his valued foreword of this book that this book will create an atmosphere to know the significance of Kherai and other related festival of the great Bodo race living in Assam and abroad.