Indigenous Women, Land and Customs in Northeast India
Meenal Tula and Upasana Goswami
  • ISBN : 9788195302451
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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This book is an attempt to understand how the evolving conjuncture between the community, state and the market in Northeast India affects women's relationship to land and the work that they do. It focuses on the experiences of women from three communities: the Karbis and the Dimasas in Assam and the Garos in Meghalaya. It emphasizes the multiplicities of women's traditional access to land in the context of customs which are often at present used to deprive women of this access. In addition, it explores questions such as-how has access to, inheritance and use of land changed in the three highland communities? Who has faced alienation of their customary rights? What drivers of change are acting on the customary now and how has custom responded? How do women perceive the customary and the changes therein? How have they framed their lives, their labour, their aspirations in the neoliberal context, particularly with access to money and markets and State promoted interventions such as Self Help Groups, Farmer Producers Organizations, land pattas? We explore what is visibilised and invisibilised in these processes in the communities under study.