Indigenous Knowledge and Human Development A Study In North East India
Indira Barua
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351251477
  • year : 2015
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The systematic exploration and study of indigenous knowledge is regarded as a high priority research area. The present book is an attempt to highlight the indigenous knowledge system of Scheduled Tribe population of Assam. The North East India is the home of large numbers of diverse and colourful ethnic groups having indigenous knowledge system of their own. The author tries to project the indigenous knowledge system giving emphasis on ethnomedicine, food habits and the process of transmission of knowledge system. The Scheduled Tribes account for a sizeable proportion of population of Assam and constitute an important segment of the social fabric of the state. While emphasizing on the indigenous knowledge, the author also deals with the religious beliefs and practices as knowledge, which emerges through practical experience and beliefs helps in preservation of knowledge. Indigenous knowledge is always considered as a valuable resource for the Developmental Agencies. The author highlights the existence of certain deep rooted beliefs which are based on pure fallacies. There are also certain beliefs which have scientific reasoning behind it. Development Agencies should, therefore, consider this indigenous knowledge and use it to the best of advantage. Through this book, the author highlights the rich indigenous knowledge of the colourful tribes and communities of Assam. It is hoped that this valuable information will serve the interest of anthropologists, social scientists, planners and policy makers who are really interested about the region and its indigenous population.