Indian Army Chronicles of Bravery Awards: The Medals and Ribbons
J Francis
  • ISBN : 9789393499790
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The system of gallantry awards continued with the British Indian Army during British Raj after 1858 till the end of World War II. After India’s independence, when India became a Republic, Indian Govt introduced new series of bravery awards in the Indian Armed Forces to be awarded by the President of India, both during war and outside the war. This book chronicles the bravery awards given to Indians serving with East India Company Army, British Indian Army and Indian Army after India became a Republic. Brief circumstances under which the bravery awards were given to the Indians by the appropriate authorities before India became a Republic and by the President of India after 1950 are also chronicled in this Book.Contents Introduction Acknowledgement Abbreviations Part 1: Pre-Independence Chapter 1 East India Company Army Chapter 2 British Indian Army -World War I Chapter 3 British Indian Army -World War II Part 2: Indian Army Chapter 4 Indian Army Bravery Awards Chapter 5 India-Pakistan War 1947-48 Chapter 6 Chinese Aggression 1962 Chapter 7 India-Pakistan War 1965 Chapter 8 Border Clashes Chapter 9 India-Pakistan War 1971 Chapter 10 Kargil War 1999 Part 3: Other Awards Chapter 11 Peace Time Bravery Awards Chapter 12 Indian Peace Keeping Force Chapter 13 Indian Forces Under UNO About the Author Col J Francis was commissioned into Maratha Light Infantry in June 1969 and retired in May 1997. During his service besides regimental and staff jobs, he was instructor at the Indian Military Academy, Junior Leaders Wing, Infantry School and Defence Services Staff College Wellington. Before he retired, he raised a Counter Insurgency School and was responsible to train all the units which were inducted into J&K.