Identity Struggle of the People of Israel as Alien in the Pentateuch: A North East Indian Tribal Reading
Longchar, Imsu
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351484516
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
This book attempts to present a systematic analysis of the passages that deals with gër “resident alien” in the ancestral narrative by using ideological approach engaged in exegetical analysis in order to expose textual aggression in a particular biblical passage. The prime focus is on the Identity struggle of the people of Israel as alien in the Pentateuch. In doing so the author has brought up the opening towards others, particularly Israel’s concern for the alien as a great witness for her universalistic attitude of the Pentateuch. Special attention is given to the legal provisions of the alien in the Ancient West Asia and how the stipulation related to the people of Israel. Basic features of ethnicity and ethnic boundaries in early Israel are discussed to have a general understanding of investigating identity develops over the human lifespan and throughout social change. The author investigates alien in the Pentateuch narrative, and offer a helpful matrix for relating ideas of identity, land and community; and how ideological contestation concerning Israel’s being alien in Egypt construct identity. An attempt is made to identify alien in the Holiness code to reconstruct the situations to which the laws were responding. Using Hermenuitical tools Comparioson is made of the ancient Israel law concerning aliens with the tribal communities of North East India. Contents Abbreviations Introduction 1. The Status of Alien in Ancient West Asia 2. Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Israel: An Ideological Reading 3. Alien and Ethnic Identity in Ancestral Narratives of Genesis 4. Ideological Contestation Concerning Israel's Being Alien in Egypt 5. Aliens in the Holiness Code 6. Struggle for Identity as in North-East India Conclusion Bibliography