Health and Health Care in Indian Subcontinent: Special Focus North East India
Edited by Utpal Kumar De and Premananda Bharati
  • ISBN : 9789386682840
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book addresses some important aspects of health and healthcare in Indian sub-continent with a special focus on North East India. It addresses a number of healthcare issues in Bangladesh, in the pre- and post-reform period of India and its spatio-temporal pattern. Issues related to the emergence of Multi-Drug Resistant TB cases, prevalence of HIV-AIDS among the female sex workers and their clients in Bangladesh along with the analysis of factors associated with cesarean delivery among women in Rajshahi city, Bangladesh have been presented. Socio-economic factors related to healthcare, child and maternal healthcare issues, problem of nutrition in ICDS and Anganwadi centres of North East India, rural urban inequity in healthcare, environment and health through contingent theory have also been described. Further, education and institutional factors in healthcare have been presented in separate sections. Therefore, the book presented a range of issues and interactive analyses of healthcare with various socio-economic and institutional aspects that will benefit the students, researchers, academicians and policy-makers.