Gospel and Culture in North East India: A Missiological and Anthropological Study from Zeliangrong Perspective
Rampaukube Hekwet
  • ISBN : 9789351483342
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book introduces the pre-Christian Zeliangrong Nagas, then, it presents how Christianity came in contact with the people in the late 19th century and the subsequent conversion, the first being in 1897. It further discusses the growth of Christianity, formation of Zeliangrong Baptist Association in 1953 and the formations of various associations in the 1980's. Then it discusses the interaction of Gospel and the Zeliangrong culture which continues to exist till now. The mission works of the Zeliangrong Baptist Associations (ZBAs) were studied and it argues that the Christian mission today is less-progressive unlike before, because the culture and the contemporary contexts are not being taken seriously. Therefore, the writer seeks to provoke the churches, missionaries and Christians in general, to revitalize the healthy cultural values and integrate them in the mission strategy for a contextually relevant and effective mission. Contents Foreword-I Foreword-II Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The Zeliangrong Nagas and their Land 1.1. Zeliangrong and their habitation 1.2. Socio-political and Cultural life 1.3. Economic life 1.4. Religious belief and practices 1.5. Values highly regarded in Zeliangrong Society 2. The Advent of Christianity to the Zeliangrong Nagas 2.1. Zeliangrong people and Christianity 2.2. Formation of Zeliangrong Baptist Association 2.3. Division of the Zeliangrong Baptist Church Council 2.4. Other Denominational Church Traditions 3. The Encounter/Interaction Between the Zeliangrong Culture and Christianity 3.1. Culture defined 3.2. Relation of Gospel and culture 3.3. Encounter between the Zeliangrong Culture and Christianity (1897-1953) - Phase 1 3.4. Encounter between the Zeliangrong Culture and Christianity (1953 - till date) - Phase 2 3.5. Resurgence of traditional elements in Zeliangrong Christianity 3.6. Cultural continuity among the Zeliangrong Christians 3.7. Third Factor in the interaction of the Zeliangrong Christianity and culture: Modernization 4. Present Zeliangrong Christianity and Mission : Challenges of Identity 4.1. Richard Niebuhr's Propositions 4.2. Looking at the Present State of Zeliangrong Christians through Niebuhr's Propositions 4.3. Confused Identity in the face of modernity 4.4. Looking at the Mission of the Zeliangrong Baptist Church Associations (ZBCAs) through Niebuhr's Propositions 5. Towards a Meaningful Indigenous Zeliangrong Christianity and Relevant Contextual Mission 5.1. Indigenious Zeliangrong Christianity 5.2. Integration of Christian faith, culture and modernity 5.3. Indigenious Zeliangrong Christian Identity Conclusion Appendices Bibliography