Glimpses of Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of Manipur, N.E. India
Ajit Kumar Das, Ranjana Rajkumari, Reshma Khatoon and P.K. Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789380702117
  • year : 2017
  • language :
  • binding :
The book provides glimpses of Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Indigenous Knowledge (IK) of plants uses by some of the selected tribes residing in the State of Manipur. Manipur is a part of Northeastern region of the Country, bestowed with a rich and interesting floral diversity which hold an array of Ethnobotanical specially in ethnomedicinal and aromatic plants. A total 456 number of Ethnobotanical plants and their uses including high therapeutic value and other sphere in day to day life by the tribes have been reported. This book is a systematic documentation of existing traditional knowledge, grey literature and researched efforts on the subject matter. The strength of the book lies in its simplicity and clarity of presentation without losing sight of other important information which interests everyone. The indigenous tribal society has its own methods of treatment and health care and processing of fermented foods, acquired and passed through orally from one generation to next. Many of the locally occurring plants are very effectively used for this purpose. Some of these, hold promise to yield panacea in future. The information given in this regards will be very useful for ethnopharmacological studies and to develop a new drugs. The book may be immensely useful for students, researchers, academicians from different fields, NTEP based entrepreneurs and foresters/forest officials, conservators, planners and policy makers working in the area of medicinal as well as different purposes of plants. It may also be useful as ready reference in the hand of naturalists and eco-tourist, The book is a window to the rich botanical and ethnic diversity in Northeast India.