Payel Dutta Chowdhury
  • ISBN : 9788170264682
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Folktales from India's Northeast, puts together myths and legends, peopled by deities and nymphs, kings and common folk, ghosts and mysterious women of the mountains, talking tigers and speaking rivers, and several other objects of nature which are a part of human life. These tales of love and jealousy, hate and forgiveness, miracles and wisdom, human being's relationship with nature, portray the culture, tradition, philosophy, moral principles and day-to-day activities of the people of the region. Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury is Professor of English and Director of the School of Arts & Humanities at REVA University, Bengaluru. Having spent several years amidst the vibrant culture and the breathtakingly beautiful regions of the north-eastern part of India, she draws her inspiration from the myths, beliefs, and customs of the people of the region for her creative and critical writings.