Families in Crisis: Pastoral Care and Family Counselling Models
Phanenmo Kath
  • ISBN : 9789351485087
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Pastoral counselling is one of the most vital ministries of the church. It is also a very challenging ministry. We lack relevant and appropriate models of pastoral counselling for the churches in India, particularly in North East India. In this book the author provides several family-centric models of pastoral counselling based on Tribal traditional and cultural values. Tribal communities are endowed with rich traditional and cultural family values. The book attempts to retrieve to the rich cultural repertoire of correlates in family system and values to derive pastoral counselling models. Retrieving to the past is not a regression but progression and productive, because past and present are parts of the continuum of living. The ‘past-present’ becomes part of the necessity, not the nostalgia, of living. The family-centric pastoral counselling models suggested in the book will be of immense help to the pastors in their counselling ministry. The book will also make great contribution in enshrining the knowledge of theological students. The readers will find the book stimulating. I wish God’s blessing to the readers of this book! Contents Foreword Prologue Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations List of Tables 1. The Context of the Research 2. The Characteristics and Functions of the Family 3. Theological Understanding of Marriage and Family and Major Approaches to Family Therapy 4. Impact of Select Collelates on Naga Families 5. Methodological Matters in Family Studies 6. Analysis of the Field Research and Interpetation 7. Summary of the Research Findings: Implications for Family Counselling 8. Proposing New Family Counselling Models Bibliogaphy Appendices