Ethno-Nationalism in India: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Debajyoti Biswas
  • ISBN : 9788126933419
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book interrogates the rise of ethno-nationalism in India with specific reference to Northeast India. It aims to bring interdisciplinary perspectives drawn from studies of culture, history, literature, and politics to the analysis of emerging areas of nationalism in India. It examines the ways in which literary-textual representations intervene in debates regarding ethno-nationalism, sub-nationalism, and other permutations of Indian nationalism. It examines a variety of political movements and literary works by various writers over the past five decades that have created, enshrined, and contested ideas pivotal to the rise of Indian nationalism. The book includes twelve chapters addressing contemporary issues related to ethnicity and identity. Most of the articles inquire into the causes that gave rise to ethno-nationalism in India’s Northeast. Discussion on minority ethnic communities like Chakma and Koch-Rajbangshi also features in this book. Some of the articles critically examine the linguistic movements in India that are responsible for the growth of ethno-nationalistic feelings within some communities. The role of ‘minority’ political party and students’ union in staking claim to shape the ethno-national consciousness makes an interesting read. The book will be of interest for beginners who are looking to research on ethnic-nationalism in India’s Northeast.