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Discovering the Heritage of Assam

Discovering the Heritage of Assam

Author:Padmapani Bora
ISBN 10:null
ISBN 13:9780670093175
Subject:North East India/History and Culture

About the Book

The book Discovering the Heritage of Assam takes a comprehensive look at the nature, culture and traditions that symbolize the true essence of the Indian state of Assam. The history of the state, beginning from the Paleolithic age to the British era, is well supported by innumerable ruins, interesting shrines, incredible wildlife, and a variety of living heritage, some of which are now part of the UNESCO's list of world heritage sites. The Ahoms, who ruled over Assam for 600 years, has had a significant imprint on its history. Neo-Vaishnavism popularized by the great saint Srimanta Sankardeva and venerated institutions like the Namghars and Satras constitute the prime components the state's heritage. This coffee table book is divided into five broad chapters-Ancient Period Heritage, Medieval Period Heritage, Modern Heritage, Natural Heritage and Living Heritage - and contains beautiful photographs and informative illustrations of the various heritage sites of Assam.