Cultural Heritage of Northeast India: Recent Perspective
Alok Tripathi
  • ISBN : 9789383221288
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This volume is a rare collection of research articles on lesser known cultural heritage of Northeast India both tangible and intangible. These selected articles deal with some of the important archaeological studies, ancient monuments, archaeological sites and remains, first ever underwater archaeological exploration in internal waters in India, Neolithic remains, Megalithic culture and traditions, burial practices, copper-plates and land grants, numismatics, art and architecture, early temple styles, ancient trade route, study and preservation of cannons, manuscripts, dresses, Chinese porcelain, bamboo-based domestic architecture, religious beliefs, folk deities, ethnic identity and some early works on them, geographically covering almost entire Northeast India. Scholars have systematically traced the history of important investigations highlighting great diversity and uniqueness of cultural heritage in the region. They have also critically analyzed new data in the light of current knowledge and provide recent perspective on the Cultural Heritage of Northeast India covering diverse areas from Stone Age discoveries, some two centuries back, to recently concluded underwater archaeological investigations.