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Christian Unity in Northeast India: Challenges and Prospects

Christian Unity in Northeast India: Challenges and Prospects

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ISBN 13:9789351484028
Subject:North East India/Anthropology and Sociology

About the Book

Christian Unity in Northeast India: Challenges and Prospects examines the challenges of Christian Unity, which have been working against the formation and further development of Unity among the Christians in Northeast India. It traces the historical development of Christian Unity in worldwide Christianity and further unearths its historical analysis of the pattern of discussion among the churches in Northeast India. It also deals with the challenges of the life and witnesses the churches, to venture out the prospects for the Christian Unity discussion in the region. In the present situation, the understanding of the nature of Christian Unity calls for a wider understanding with regards to the churches and in relation to humankind with the whole creation. As such Christian Unity is not for its own sake, but for the sake of the world and its salvation for the whole creation. Yet, it was a very ambitious plan to bring churches in Northeast together; however, it is still a not yet accomplished task. We have to continue this journey with a fresh attempt today, so that the Church becomes a truly missionary church. Contents Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Christianity in Northeast India 2. Development of Christian Unity Then and Now 3. Formation of Christian Unity in Northeast India 4. The Participation of Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI) Towards Christian Unity 5. Challenges of Christian Unity Before the Baptist Church 6. Search for a Viable Model for Christian Unity 7. Challenges in the Life and Witness of the Baptist Church 8. Paradigm Shifts in Baptist Thinking and Understanding of Christian Unity Conclusion Appendix-1 Appendix-2 Appendix-3 Bibliography