Change and Development In Phom Naga Society
A. Rahman
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351250968
  • year : 2015
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?Change and Development in Phom Naga Society? is a comprehensive book which describes the various socio-political aspects of the Phom Naga Tribe of Nagaland. The book throws light on the topographical and demographic character of Longleng district, the home of the Phoms, along with their traditional beliefs, customs and institutions, and also their stages of migration to the present domicile. The study highlights the emergence of the Phom identity and their relations with the neighbours. Elaborate discussions are made, especially on the social change, economic transformation from traditional to a modern economy, administrative and political development of the people with references to their role in the political process of the state since independence. Assessing the pace of development that has been witnessed in the Phom inhabited areas over the bygone decades, the author tries to trace the internal and external challenges which the society has been facing. The book will definitely be useful to researchers, planners, policy makers and social workers.