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Pasyanti Trika Saivism of Kashmir Themes and Practices
Ibn 'Arabi The Meccan Revelations  (Indian Edition, First Published in 1988, Paris)
Heart Intelligence Book I Powerful Self Consciousness
Lal Ded (A Kashmiri Saint Poet of Fourteenth Century) (Rs 125 + Rs 40 for Service Charges)
The Vision of Islam
Tales from the Masnavi (First Published in 1961)
Discourses of Rumi (Reprint Edition, First Published in 1961)
Precognitive Dreams in Kashmir Saivism
Allama Iqbal's Asrar I - Khudi: Secrets of the Self (Reprint Edition, First Published in 1920 by R & R Clark Ltd, Edinburgh)
The Persian Mystic Attar (Reprint Edition, First Published in 1931)
Looking Within: Life Lessons from Lal Ded
Rumi Soul Healer: A Transcendental Story of Ecstatic Passion and Mystical Love
Islam in Kashmir: A Study of Prominent Sufis and Rishis
The Word of Lalla: Also Known as Laleshwari, Lalla Yogeshwari & Lalishri between 1300-1400 AD (Reprint Edition, First Published in 1924)
Letters of Mir Saiyid \'Ali Hamadani (MAKTUBAT-I-MIR SAIYID \'ALI HAMADANI0 An Annotated Edition with English Translation and Historical Analysis
Succession of Muslim Rishism in Kashmir
Seal of the Saints: Prophethood and Sainthood in the Doctrine of IBN Arabi
Heart Story: A Metamorphic Odyssey into the Heart of Human Consciousness
Saivism in Kashmir (Second Edition, First Published in 2000)
Sufism its Saints and Shrines (Reprinted  first published in 1938)
Rumi Poet and Mystic 1207 - 1273 (Reprinted Edition, First Published in 1950)
The Masnavi: The Spiritual Couplets of Maulana Jalalu\'d-din Muhammad Rumi (Reprint edition, First published in 1898)
Islamic Sufism
Sufi Saints of Kashmir: Sufi Orders in Kashmir