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Anthropological Research in North East India: Retrospect and Prospect

Anthropological Research in North East India: Retrospect and Prospect

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Author:Edited by Jibon Kumar, Sarit K. Chaudhuri and Huidrom Suraj Singh
ISBN 13:9788121218146
Subject:North East India/Tribal Studies

About the Book

In the present book 'Anthropological Research in North East India', a total of forty four research articles were contributed by different scholars on various issues highlighting the current trends of Anthropological Research particularly in North East India. The present edited book is grouped into four sections viz Biological Anthropology, Ethno- Medicine, Socio-Cultural and Ethno-Archaeology. The present book identifies different anthropological issues, social and nutritional problems, uses and beliefs of traditional health practices followed by different ethnic groups, mother and child health condition and practices, social changes, domestic violence, political and governance, religion, ethno-archaeology, economy, monuments and so forth. North East India remained the fertile field for anthropological researchers. The future prospect of anthropological research in the region is of paramount importance and need of the hour too. In fact, the region can be considered a hotspot of Anthropologist for understanding human issues and diversity. Considering this diversity and rich human environment relationship reflected in different cultural traditions and morphological characteristics, there are prospects for academic deliberation from different perspectives.