Dr Vikram Singh
  • ISBN : 9788194867845
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The concise details of book given here, which give glimpses about the book. The first chapter of book starts with the origin of Earth which focus on Big-Bang theory with new division of geological time scale which shows Holocene epoch of , Greenlandian, Northgrippian and Meghalayan age. Second chapter related to Earth internal structure and its magnetic field with new finding that shows transition zone have more water than ocean. Third chapter focus on theory of Isostasy which analyses the concept of various scholars on theory of isostasy and contradiction on their views. Fourth chapter belongs to vulcanism and their process, with recent eruption of volcanoes in India and abroad. Fifth chapter is Igneous Rock, shows various compositions of igneous rocks and their use in daily life. Sixth chapter is Sedimentary Rock, describe sedimentary structure and texture and various sedimentary rocks and their uses. Seventh chapter gives details of Metamorphism and Metamorphic rocks and their uses. Eighth chapter is Earthquake, which Focus causes and types of Seismic Waves. This Chapter also give details of earthquakes scale, Relationship of earthquake and plate boundaries and new finding of Boomerang Earthquake. Nineth chapter related to Folds & Faults and Joints which focus on how they form and theirs parts with various types of folds. Tenth chapter belongs to Plate Tectonic and their theory from controversial hypothesis to admissible theory and various types of plate boundaries the chapter also give detail of magnetic anomaly with slab roll back of plate. Chapter's eleventh focus on weathering with different weathering process. Chapter twelve focus on Soil with soil process, soil horizon and types of soils. Thirteen chapters belong to Mass Wasting and their types of classification this chapter also focuses on various mitigation approaches to avoid mass wasting. Fourteen chapters is The Geological Work of Stream which shows various stages of river and their power how it transformed the surface of Earth and how river capture other river. Chapter fifteen is Drainage System and Pattern. This chapter describes stream order, drainage pattern and causes of their formation. Chapter sixteen deals with work of glacier, in which various glacial eroded, depositional and glacio-fluvial features describe. Chapter seventeen focus on Aeolian geomorphology which shows the power of wind and how it changes the landscape with changing time. The last chapter of book belongs to Karst morphology which discuss chemistry of limestone region and various karst morphology made my rain water and various depositional features of karst region.