Zero Displacement
Sanjay Chitranshi
  • ISBN : 9789384901639
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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"Zero Displacement" is the story of Siddhant, a middle-class boy, a dreamer, an idealist - a youth whose thinking is vastly different from that of his peers - and his childhood friends Satya, Prem and his ladylove, Vaishali. Siddhant meets with an accident with life altering consequences, an accident whereby he remains with an incurable injury that leaves permanent scars. The accident and its aftermath moulds his perceptions and his personality, which are in no small measure, further affected by the treatment meted out to him by others. This leaves traces upon his psyche. He is helpless to surmount the constraints that the abuse has left him with when he falls in love with Vaishali, a forward thinking, beautiful and intelligent girl. As the story unfolds Siddhant realizes his life's dreams; but does he also rise in love? The Author shows a skillful interaction between peripheral characters and the protagonist, as they bolster the narrative by being its backbone. Told without inhibition, bringing out stark reality of studenthood, youth, folly and social iniquity the story makes for a rollercoaster read as the Reader in turn feels empathy, amusement and at times anger.