YOUTH BLOOM IN GCC (MEI-KW Middle East Series 02)
Edited by Sameena Hameed
  • ISBN : 9789391490805
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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As the GCC countries face a youth bulge in their demography, the regimes cultivated them as important constituencies, and have been projecting their pro-youth strategies and policies. Despite several challenges, GCC youth operate from the advantages of relative stability, wealth, connectivity, and a milieu of diverse, skilled, multi-national workforce. With contributions from young minds, this volume looks at the potentials and possibilities for the GCC youths from this vantage point, their adaptations and the challenges facing their development. Contents About MEI@ND Acknowledgements List of Tables and Figures Contributors 1. Introduction Sameena Hameed 2. Who is an Arab Youth? P R Kumaraswamy 3. Demography, Governance and Reforms in Saudi Arabia: An Assessment of the Vision 2030 Md. MuddassirQuamar 4. Digital Transformation and Governance in Bahrain Rhea Abraham 5. The Youth and the Political Participation in the Gulf Cooperation Council States NawarKassomeh 6. Che-Guevara T-Shirts and Changing Idioms of Popular Politics among the Youth in the Arab Gulf Region M H Ilias 7. Millennials Drive the Financial Technology in the GCC Rohit Sharma 8. From Old Money to New Wealth: Crypto-currency in the GCC RaahatVerma 9. The Social and Cultural Realms of Digital Communities in the UAE Melissa Cyrill 10. Fractured Narratives of Gender: State, Space and Visibility in the Gulf Priyanka Chandra 11. Art as an Emerging Field for the Young GCC Women Lakshmi Priya 12. Saudi Young Women as Cultural Intermediaries Priyanka Mittal 13. Environmental Action in the GCC: Government & the Youth PrabhatJawla 14. Youth Dial Technology to Connect Economy and Foreign Policy N. Janardhan About the Author Dr Sameena Hameed (ed.) is Assistant Professor at the Centre for West Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She writes, teaches and researches on the Gulf region, especially India’s economic and energy relations with it. She co-authored Persian Gulf 2020 and Persian Gulf 2021-22, both published by Palgrave Macmillan, and she is also the book review editor of Contemporary Review of the Middle East (Sage).