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Your History is Not Our Story: Re-imaging Colonial Historiography of Tribals and Christianity in North East India

Your History is Not Our Story: Re-imaging Colonial Historiography of Tribals and Christianity in North East India

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Author:Dr Walotemjen, Compiled and Edited by Rev. Dr Songram Basumatary
ISBN 13:9789351483526
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology

About the Book

Contents: Preface 1. Bird's Eye View of the North East India 2. Sunshine before Sunrise, Darkness before Sunset India's North-East and North-East's India 3. Hegemonic Colonial Historiography over the History NEI Tribes 4. Oral History : A North East Indian Tribal Reading 5. Reconstructing Tribal Historiography : A Subaltern Perspective 6. Recovery and Reconstruction of Her-Story : Feminist Historiography 7. History of Dalits and Tribals Conversion in India : Theories and Motives 8. Theories and Motives of Conversion Movement among the Nagas in Nagaland 9. Christianity and its Impact on the Tribes of NEI 10. Ao-Nagas, Christianity and Administrators : Issues and Conflicts 11. Trends of Tribal Awakening in North-East India Since 1947 12. Identity Question and Ethno-Political Movements in North East India 13. Christianity and Public Sphere in India : A View from North East India History is mostly written by the winners about the losers, not the losers writing about themselves. And the dominant winners write history about the losers to appropriate them into their political agendas. The losing side has less or no chance of presenting their stories. The history written by the dominant historians are not the true story of the people. Hence, to a Dalit, a history of Dalit is not his/her story. To a Tribal, a history of Tribal is not his/her story. To a woman, history is his-tory, not her story. This book raises critical questions on such historiographical issues. It challenges that the histories written by the colonizers, anthropologists and missionaries or dominant people are always descriptive and prescriptive. The true story of the people are never told and written. What has come about in the history is the subjective representation of historiographer from outside. Perhaps, a complete mismatch in depicting who they are and who they are not. This book brings to light the very fact of dehumanizing image projected about the people's at the margins, especially the North East Indian tribes and make an attempt to reimage the history written by and with the colonial and missionary prisms about them.