Your Children and Your Karmas
K N Rao, Raj Arora, Pammi Barthwal, Dr Suman Maheshwari and Anju Sachdev
  • ISBN : 8189221870
  • year : 2015
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Sooner or later, as a married person with children doing well in life or suffering, rising to dizzy heights in these days of rat race or a chance fall into the quotidian--unredeemable ordinary life, all is the result ofthe karmas of past lives of both the parents and the children, is what you must realize. The life we live leads us into salvation or damnation both, when we live and breathe and after we die when we, caught in the cycle of births and rebirths, are born again to suffer and enjoy the karmas of our lives or get out of this cycle because of a spiritual life led beautifully. The fifth house is the house of poorva punya (deeds of past lives) and also children. These two, intertwined, cause so much happiness or agony or a mixture of both, all our lives. This truth is forgotten with God absconding from the lives of many, with the disappearance of the external metaphysical authority. This book then is not for those who find heart replaced by psyche and karmas or past lives by psyche, unconscious and subconscious drives. We do not live in a chancy of world gradual evolution with the final end as death. We live, as the great Hindu scriptures explain, in a world when Karmas of our many lives keep pursuing usjust as a calf recognizes its mother cow even in a herd. This divine scheme has to be understood and the theory of reincarnation must be accepted without question as the only logical explanation of life with its myriad mysteries. Avaluable spiritual life, not life as is being understood as one of sex and cruelty and success, is the lesson a conscientious astrologer learns after seeing horoscopes after horoscopes and hearing the stories of unending agonies of people particularly with their children. Obsessiveness with erotic life with great materialistic success and the consequences it leads to is what an astrologer can see---the Hindu astrologer doing it scientifically with Lahiri ayanamsha, Hindu astrology being the most developed astrology of the world --- the gift of so many seers for thousands of years. And it teaches a lesson---the lesson of spirituality. That lesson of spirituality can be seen in the entire horoscope but concentrate on the fifth house to see the main spring board of your happiness or unhappiness with your children whom you love.: This book written by four woman astrologers under the guidance of K.N.Rao, after a very deep research, opens out a vista for the very first time for you to understand and unravel a less understood mystery of life ---- the major cause of your happiness or unhappiness, ifyou are married, are the children whose parents you are.