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You Are What You Think: 365 Meditations for Extraordinary Living

You Are What You Think: 365 Meditations for Extraordinary Living

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Author:Wayne W Dyer
ISBN 13:9789386832856
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Yoga and meditation

About the Book

One of Hay House's most beloved authors, known worldwide as "the father of motivation," Dr. Wayne W. Dyer was at the forefront of the personal transformation movement for decades. So many of us were touched by Wayne's charismatic yet grounded way of speaking and writing. You may fondly remember watching one of his PBS specials or seeing him speak onstage at the many events he so loved doing throughout the years. Perhaps you were browsing a bookstore and found yourself drawn to a title, only to discover words that would change the course of the rest of your life or perhaps this is your first encounter with the wisdom of Wayne and you're not quite sure what this book has in store for you. In this collection of quotes spanning Wayne's decades-long career, you'll find witty bon mots that make you laugh, enigmatic phrases that make you think and wise passages that remind you of the power of your beliefs. You'll see how his focus shifted through the years, from discussing the way of no-limit living and empowering people to free themselves of their excuses, to finding inspiration through living "in-Spirit" and discovering the beauty of the Tao. As you read a quote each day or flip through the pages at random to find insight, we hope you take to heart the meaning behind one of Wayne's favourite sayings: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."