Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry
Rama Jyoti Vernon
  • ISBN : 9788120840959
  • year : 2017
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These writings encompass over a half-century of blessings by master teachers and yoga's ever-expanding presence in all areas of life. Yoga and its tributaries continue to be a map of how to live life on this earth plane to the fullest extent while finding serenity in the midst of all changing endeavors and experiences. Yoga has been guide and preceptor on journeys through the valleys of the dark night of the soul to the mountain-tops of unveiled understandings. What is presented here may at times seem different than traditional approaches. It is not meant to confuse but only to share personal experiential understanding. Even though there are yoga traditions that are eternal and unchanging, there are also evolutionary spikes and spirals occurring in the U.S. yoga community as we find new ways to incorporate yoga into our everyday lives. We no longer have to go to the mountain tops but can now find the mountain tops in the marketplace. Held within each asana is the mythology linked to its name and the geometrical patterns of the cellular structures of creation. Through the practice of yoga, we can let our hearts convey our love of all humanity and the divine essence of all creation. We do this when we caress our feet upon the earth in standing poses, when our toes and heels reach for the center of the sun in inverted poses.