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Author:Sushim Dubey
ISBN 13:9788124610398
Subject:Philosophy and Religion

About the Book

In the present time, yoga has attracted all kinds of professionals and got its alliance in almost all subjects. Study of yoga has been prominent in the curricula of Sanskrit studies, from which it evolved traditionally, but it has of late found relevance in other disciplines like Philosophy, Psycho-logy, Sociology, Music, Physical Education and Sports, Physiology, Medical Science, Bio-chemistry, Life Sciences, and Language and Literature. There are exclusive departments of yoga in various universities. The present book helps to address the yoga needs of people from all walks of life and presents the Yogic view from its origin and development to the needs of a modern, technocratic society. With the observance of Yogic practices, the Indian spiritual gurus kept their body healthy and tuned, and elevated their mind to higher realms, which were essential requirements for their spiritual growth, for happiness and harmony in life. This ancient science found easy acceptance in foreign countries too. With the UNESCO coming into picture, yoga shot into limelight around the world. Apart from spirituality, other reasons for the revival of yoga as a lifestyle were its simple, light exercises which rejuvenate the mind and body, its no-harmful effects, and its power to inculcate superior values in life. Yoga has an edge over other health exercises like aerobics and weight lifting. Fitness of body and mind, work performance, psycho-physical balance and the overall well-being are easily attainable through the regular practice of yoga. The present book will be useful to a common reader and a seeker of yoga alike in knowing about its philosophy and will help them practise it in a simple, lucid way. CONTENTS Acknowledgement Vii Introduction viii I Yoga: Rejuvenation and Need of Time 1 1.1 Yoga: Ancient Indian Philosophy to Practical Life of Common Man 3 1.2 Yoga Philosophy: As Global Value for Peace and Harmony 15 II Modern Thinkers and Yoga 23 2.1 Lokmanys Bal Gangadhar Tilak: Yoga Philosophy 25 2.2 Gandhi ji: Yoga and Yoga Philosophy 39 III Yoga Education 51 3.1 Yoga: As ‘Holistic approach’ to Life in our Education System 53 3.2 Yoga: Education, Research and Practice in Indian Universities 63 IV Yoga Therapy: I 79 4.1 Yogic Therapy and Holistic Way of Life as described in ‘Yogopani?ads’ and Taittir?yopani?ad 81 4.2 Yogic Therapy and Holistic Way of Life as described in ?r?mad-Bhagavadg?t? & Yoga-v?si??ha 99 Yoga Series – 2 vi V Yoga Therapy: II 113 5.1 Yoga , ?sana, Pr??amaya & Therapy in Techno-society 115 5.2 Yogic Kriy?s (?a?karma) 133 VI Philosophy, Indian Values System 149 6.1 Understanding Consciousness in Indian Philosophical Traditions 151 6.2 Indian Theory of Values: Puru??rtha 165 VII Appendices 175 7.1 Standard references of Yogic Practices from Original Sanskrit Texts 177 7.2 Yogic ?sana in Yoga Literature/Traditions 180 7.3 Pr???y?ma, Kriy?, Mudr? and Bandha 182 7.4 List of Original Sanskrit Texts of Yoga 185