Yes, I\'m Opinionated: Musings of a Lawyer on Governance, Law and Policy
Satvik Varma
  • ISBN 13 : 9788131253571
  • year : 2017
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An anthology of essays divided into three broad heads of Business & Corporate Governance, Law & Legislative Affairs and Trade & Policy. The subjects covered here are varied and include everything from: Gay Rights to Insider Trading, Legitimizing Lobbying to Regulating Gaming, Insider trading to Holidays in the Judiciary, Juvenile Justice to Abortion Laws, Sedition to Competition Regulations, Multi-brand Retail to Political Advertising, Media Trials to Abortion rights. There is often times a deliberate, but sometimes a sub-conscious overlap between the chosen themes. Almost all pieces highlight the importance of the Rule of Law in the democratic landscape of India's constitutional structure. There is also a recurring argument for our laws and policies to move with the times and work towards upholding the fundamental principles of Justice. Doing what's right! Written over a period of ten years, all articles have been updated with a post script to make them relevant for the reader even today. Offerings a "razor-sharp insight" into contemporary Indian legal and policy history, this book is relevant for students, think-tanks, policy organisations, academics and just about anyone else curious or wanting to understand the functioning of the Indian legal system.