Yes, I Got the Podium! (Designing the Life - action Plan for Creating a Personal Winning Strategy)
Indranil Ghosh
  • ISBN : 9789354339578
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is about developing and deploying a winning strategy for personal achievement. It is an Action Plan for creating a personal Winning Strategy for those who want to succeed and to stay ahead of others in this era of rat race. For others, this book may prove to be an energy tonic to rejuvenate their winning spirit and a tranquilizer for happy dwelling. In this book, a few hard management principles and self-improvement techniques have been propagated in soft manners. After every chapter, exercises are given to answer. As a result, it would not only help the readers to understand the concept in a better way, but also it would help them to take a deep dive into the subject as an experimental learning and prepare themselves for the victory. Contents - 1. Prologue 2. Chapter 1: The Era of Bell Curve 3. Chapter 2: Purpose of Life 4. Chapter 3: Personality as Trade Mark 5. Chapter 4: Thinking is Everything 6. Chapter 5: Listening and Observing 7. Chapter 6: Feel Good Factors 8. Chapter 7: Mission Impossible 9. Chapter 8: Vision and Goal Setting 10. Chapter 9: Guiding Principles and Aids & Barriers 11. Chapter 10: Action Plan and Tracking 12. Chapter 11: Post Obituary of Bell Curve 13. Chapter 12: Lesson Learned 14. Chapter 13: Final Thoughts of the Author Indranil Ghosh is an Electrical Engineer, Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and Maintenance, Energy and Power, Safety and Sustainability and HR, Business Excellence and Management System Professional and a multi-skilled trainer with around 40 years of extensive industrial and corporate experience. His prime hobby is to implant positive energy in people. He had studied a lot on Mind Matters, psychology, meditation, etc. and experimental them on his own and others life. As an author and trainer, Indranil Ghosh is always an advocator of easy learning and he always tries his best to make a perfect blend of hardcore technical knowledge, soft skills and imagination to present them in all of his training programs and books. The real joy of teaching comes only when the teacher falls in LOVE with himself and his own way of teaching. For Indranil Ghosh, teaching and writing are not only his profession but also a passion. And this perfect blend of passion and profession is the genesis of his charisma. That is why, in spite of being an ace engineer, he has been successful in proving himself as a charismatic Management Trainer. His efforts of implanting positive energy in people are often reflected in his writings and training workshops. He is a pubplished author of many books. Some of them are ‚óŹ two Self-Improvement books -