Yaska's Nirukta: A Comprehensive Study
Nalini Devi Misra
  • ISBN : 9788177024944
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present work titled ‘Yaska’s Nirukta: A comprehensive study’ is a sincere attempt on throwing light on the etymology of vedic words made by Yäska in his work with the help of Durgācārya’s commentary. It comprises ten chapters that reflect on different aspects related to the study. Efforts have been made here to trace the basic concept of ‘nirvcana’ or the ‘nirukta’ with a view to show the rich heritage of vedic interpretation throughout the ages. Among the vedic interpreters Yaska seems to be very close to Skandasvāmi. Interestingly enough the book also reflects on the influence exercised by Yaska’s nirukta on the authors of the post- vedänga period and western world. It seems to be of vital importance to the research on the languages of the world. A select bibliography has been added to the book for the wider appreciation of the readers. About the Author Professor Dr. Nalini Devi Misra has contributed immensely to the field of vedic studies since nineties of the last century. A good number of research papers on vedas authored by Dr. Misra are published in different reputed research journals of the country and abroad. She has been accredited with good response from the scholarly world of the country. Born in 1955 Dr. Misra has a good academic carrier securing three gold medals in the B.A and M.A in Sanskrit under the Gauhati University in the years 1975 and 1977. Being honoured with UGC Junior research Fellowship in the year 1977, she has completed her Ph.D work in 1987. She has joined the University of Gauhati as a lecturer in Sanskrit in 1981 and she has served the same university as Reader and Professor in the vedic literature till 2020. Dr. Misra has authored two books and edited one. At present she is busy with her research pursuits.